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A New Approach to Building Your Personal Brand

For better or worse, in today’s world everyone is a brand. Whether you’re applying for a job, asking for a promotion, or writing a dating profile, your success will depend on getting others to recognize your value. So you need to get comfortable marketing yourself.

A Matchmaker’s Advice on How to Make a Great First Impression at Work

First impressions directly impact your ability to get hired for a job, impress the leaders at your organization, and connect with potential clients or investors. Rachel Greenwald, a Matchmaker and Executive Coach, offers unique tips to boost your L-Factor (likability), stand out from the crowd, and ask unexpected questions.

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Rachel’s Personal Essay About Her Wedding Day

This essay was published in Huffington Post Weddings

I was in college the night I met him. And even after all these years, the thing I remember most is the unexpected, very physical shiver that immediately ran up my spine when he looked at me. He’s It, that shiver said.

We talked, we flirted, we had our first date two days later. I fell hard. I loved that he was sweet, but not saccharine. I loved that he was Jewish, but not “too Jewish.” I loved that he was a fan of Hot Tamales, the candy I ate by the truckload back then. And (OK, call me shallow) I loved that he was an Ivy League graduate.