A Bright Idea For Your Young Adult

It Takes a Village

Many young adults struggle to find the right partner. They are not alone: this is a growing trend, especially since the pandemic when many jobs became remote and there are now fewer opportunities for in-person connection. Young adults of all ages, from 18 to 40, are busier than ever and appreciate the luxury of smart, professional dating guidance from date curation to date coaching.

Your young adult might be exhausted with the time sink and randomness of online dating apps. They might want the opportunity to learn more effective conversation and flirting skills. They might be introverts and feel uncomfortable with putting themselves out there. Maybe they are not getting the first or second dates they really want, and would love to know why. Perhaps they have been selecting partners who ultimately don’t make them happy, or would be a concerning choice for long term partnership. They might live in a smaller town with a limited pool of high quality singles, or they work all the time and need assistance to find, schedule and prioritize dating the right people.

Whatever their struggles are, they are frustrated with modern dating. Rachel listens deeply to understand each young adult’s unique situation. With her wisdom, empathy and objectivity from two decades of matchmaking experience (plus, let’s face it, not being their own parent!), she will create an effective plan to achieve their goals. Quickly.

While parents can’t tell their young adult child whom to love, they can definitely make dating a lot easier and more successful with the gift of concierge dating services.

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