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A Matchmaker’s Advice on How to Make a Great First Impression at Work

[HBR article] First impressions directly impact your ability to get hired for a job, impress the leaders at your organization, and connect with potential clients or investors. Rachel Greenwald, a Matchmaker and Executive Coach, offers unique tips to boost your L-Factor (likability), stand out from the crowd, and ask unexpected questions.

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9 Tips To “Give Good Phone”

First impressions are crucial in dating, as you probably know. But most initial communication is done today via text, email, or Facebook. So when a guy actually calls you on the phone, you might not realize that voice exchange could end a budding relationship before...

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Think You’re Too Busy for Love? Think Again.

You sincerely want to find the right person but claim you have little or no time to do it. No question about it: dating is time consuming. As a Dating Coach, I hear complaints daily from men and women about being too busy to carve out the time required to invest in...

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Dating with Kids: Your Top 3 Questions Answered

Dating as a single parent poses unique challenges today! As a dating coach, emails pour into my website every day on this topic. I have culled three of the most common questions and provided my answers below: Question #1: As a single parent, how do I find the time and...

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What To Do On a Bad Date

Everyone has those dates when you know very early on that he or she is absolutely, positively Not The One. Maybe it’s a blind date or someone you met online or on Tinder, but when you show up, it’s not what you expected (or hoped). Even with your rosiest glasses on,...

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Dating For Single Moms

  Dear Rachel, I am a single mom with two children, ages 3 and 5. I have been divorced for one year. I am ready to find love again, but how can I find TIME? My children...

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