The Love MBA®

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m curious about becoming a matchmaker, either to start a new career or as a part-time side gig. Is this the right program for me?

Answer: Yes! This is an extremely rewarding and fun business with tons of flexibility and super high income potential. The dating industry is on fire! There is no previous experience or knowledge of the dating business that is required to attend. The good news is there’s a special “Matchmaking Basics 101” pre-session (included in the price) designed for new matchmakers on Oct. 3 (1:00 to 5:00pm) before the other matchmakers join the group who’ve had some experience in the industry.

Question: I’ve been working as a matchmaker for a while, but I’m not earning the kind of income I want. How will this program help me?

Answer: Using savvy business expertise she learned during the Harvard Business School MBA program, Rachel will teach you how to dramatically increase your profits. There are very specific tactics that separate the matchmakers who earn seven-figure income, from the rest. That’s the “secret sauce” shared in The Love MBA®, without paying the price tag of a 2-year Harvard MBA degree. Rachel has collected the best tactics she learned there from world-renowned faculty and teaches them in this program.

Question: I’m a very experienced matchmaker who has worked in the industry for a long time. I’m always looking to learn more (both professionally and personally) and to grow my business. Is this program for me?

Answer: Absolutely. The power of small group instruction gives us the ability to tailor the content to what each person needs. You’ll be asked to fill out your goals in the registration form, and we’ll strive to make sure your goals are met. Many experienced matchmakers want help with persistent challenges such as finding (and closing) more high net worth clients, fine-tuning difficult conversations with tough clients, optimizing social media reach without investing too much time and money, learning about new dating trends and business opportunities— we’ll cover all that and much more.

If you’ve been in the dating business a long time, you are probably the kind of person who is continually learning and growing, especially as our industry is rapidly changing. We’ll have people attending from all over the world, and from many different industries. They will share out-of-the-box perspectives from their diverse experiences, both inside and outside the dating arena, that can propel you to the next level in your own career. Plus, the power of bonding and collaboration that happens during a 2-day immersive retreat with 25 current and future matchmakers is unparalleled.

Question: I am passionate about helping a specific type of clientele who can’t afford high fees for matchmaking or coaching. So I’m not generating a high income now, but I still want to work with these types of clients. In fact, I really love the coaching part, and I’m not so excited about the matchmaking part. Is this challenge something I can solve during The Love MBA?

Answer: This is a great question, and the answer is definitely yes. There are all sorts of business strategies that will help you continue doing exactly what you love, but expand your thinking about other lucrative and creative revenue streams that can supplement the lower fees your current client segment can’t afford. Once Rachel understands your goals and business model, she will tailor her advice to match your individual talents, interests and revenue targets.

Also, you will learn how to make the matchmaking process more efficient and enjoyable, and how to attract the type of clients you like, so you might actually start to enjoy matchmaking more than you think possible.

Question: I’m single! I may or may not want to become a matchmaker one day, but finding love first is my top priority right now. Is it crazy to attend this program just to teach myself how to improve the search for my own partner?

Answer: You’re a genius, actually.
Plus, if you like fixing up your friends, and genuinely appreciate when your friends fix you up, you might want to explore matchmaking as a flexible side-gig to your other career… it’s very lucrative, and fun! You probably have a lot of great dating stories to share that will help other singles, both as wild cautionary tales and lovely inspiration too?

Question: I don't work in the matchmaking industry, but I'm thinking about adding matchmaking as an optional service to my current role. How can The Love MBA help me do that?

Answer: This is a fantastic idea, and much-needed service to add onto many existing professional roles such as therapists, life coaches, executive recruiters, personal trainers, nutritionists, realtors, stylists, fundraisers, dating coaches, and more. Your current skill set will transfer beautifully to the matchmaking arena with talents like empathy, networking, marketing, organization, and giving positive reinforcement. We’ve had several people previously attend The Love MBA from all those backgrounds because they wanted to help their clients succeed in dating– which was the area of their client’s life adjacent to the initial reason they enlisted their help. And of course, adding matchmaking services immediately catapulted their income!

Question: The price of The Love MBA is a big investment. Is it worth it?

Answer: You should invest in the life you want. You’ll earn back much more than the tuition with just one new client after the retreat. And your tuition should be tax-deductible as a professional development expense (*verify that with your personal accountant). So, yes: it’s a great Return On Investment. And of course, the goal is to help catapult your earnings into the 7-figure range, not just recoup the tuition. The Love MBA is all about maximizing the intersection of profit and joy. You want to love what you do, but you want to earn what your services are worth. This is a tricky skill, and Rachel Greenwald is an expert at that— just ask the alumni who have gone through her training program in previous years!

Question: Is there a virtual ticket if I can’t come in person to California?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Part of the transformative power of The Love MBA® is the in-person collaboration and bonding with other matchmakers, who will quickly form your network inner circle and send you client referrals for years to come, offer valuable matches for your client searches, and help brainstorm ideas with you. This is an immersive retreat that cannot be experienced virtually.

Question: The October 4 - 6 date doesn’t work for me, but I really want to attend another time. When is the next session of The Love MBA?

Answer: The Love MBA is a very rare occurrence. It is usually offered once every 5 or more years due to the massive time investment for Rachel to produce a program of this caliber and depth. It is a labor of “love”. There are no future scheduled sessions, so try harder to come this year. 🙂

Question: Can you assist me in finding a roommate to off-set the cost of a hotel room?

Answer: Yes! Just email Rachel Greenwald with your request and she’ll help you find someone. There are many lodging options near the villa for every budget.

Question: Will there be any on-going support after the retreat?

Answer: Yes. There is group support in a private Facebook group exclusively for The Love MBA® alumni. And if you’re interested later in business coaching one-on-one with Rachel Greenwald, that is available (for an hourly fee) exclusively for The Love MBA® alumni.

Question: I saw on The Love MBA® page that there will be “fun surprises” at the retreat. Can you give us a hint about what those are? I’m really curious!

Answer: Nice try, but sorry: no hints. Let’s just say that the surprises are really good and highly curated, some are really big, and you definitely don’t want to miss out!

* Smart, personalized learning
* Matchmaker bonding
* Unique business tools to accelerate your career